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Brainbase: Massive Online Collaboration

Brainbase is an online community I created with a few questions in mind:

  • Can we improve innovation?

  • Can Massive Online Communities create new ways of organizing and working?

  • What tools are early entrepreneurs missing?

The way that I see it, innovation is a system full of bottlenecks. By this, I mean that there are a lot of barriers in place for people who want to see their projects get off the ground. My friend John Sokol said it best: “In the US you’d be crazy to be an entrepreneur if you’re not already rich.”

The sad truth is that most ideas are set adrift with little in the way of counseling, mentorship, or moving forward. While we have a system of incubators and VC’s out there, the ideas already need to have a certain level of success in place before these systems trigger, leaving a massive number of entrepreneurs without ready access to the tools they need to move forward. It’s a catch-22: you have to be successful in order to get the help you need for your business to succeed. This isn’t every business and this isn’t every incubator: but the businesses that sneak past this criteria are incredibly low, and largely put forward by people who already have a level of success underneath them. Mind you, success is great and I wish every successful entrepreneur out there all they want of it and more. But for every company let into an incubator there are probably a thousand more who just need a nudge. In investment terms: a lot of A level investments probably don’t know they are A level investments. They probably need a shine and a polish.

Can the internet help with this? I think so. In order help innovators succeed I’m launching BRAINBASE, an online community that helps innovators support each other, and uses the internet to do things that traditional entrepreneurship tools cannot do. If you want to know what those are, join my community (but it has a lot to do with leveraging our collective innovation power).

Hackerspaces and co-working centers out there are a great blessing to the innovator, and they’ve helped to alleviate the trend I discuss here. But there’s still a long way to go. There are models that can be improved and systems that can be re-engineered.



Find us here: www.brainbase.org